(13th October 1961 / Accra, GHANA)


Nakedness i came and, nakedness i will go;
But, why do i see many naked-fashions around me today?
The wise will always cover their bodies as compared to the foolish ones;
For, they also carry this naked-fashions into the church-rooms.
To err is human! ! But, to know is better;
So, awake from your slumber before you are corrected by the plumber.
News Break! ! A former U.S. Boxing Champion was once asked,
How many children he has; then he said: 'One boy and seven mistakes'.
Oh yes! Many are our mistakes on this earth! !
But, we then turn to think that, we are doing the bes;
However, we have to live and to learn from our mistakes.
Awake from your slumber and be very wise oh my friend Leopozzi! !
For, it is time for us to dress properly than exposing our nakedness to the public.

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