Leper's Shame

A leopard strolled to look for food
when, near some trees, in happy mood
a leper stood and watched gazelles
he loved the sounds and sights and smells
here in the Serengeti Desert proper.
Just then, a scared and noisy hopper
ran off with tail between his legs,
he would be scared about his eggs,
but then, a sound of desert thunder
came to his ears, he saw his blunder
of having wandered here today,
in terror he began to pray.
The leopard who had wandered close
said 'Howdy, pal, do you suppose
that you would be a leper then? '
'Oh, majesty, please spare my life
I have at home a pretty wife,
so let me go, I shall send her
a dish she is, a big one, Sir.'
The leopard, bachelor as such
stuck out his paw to feel and touch
the leper's skin, so full of knots
he said oh my, you too have spots.'
And left him standing in his shame
they had in common just a name.

by Herbert Nehrlich

Comments (1)

I'd feel sorry for the leper if it wasn't for his cowardice. G.