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Lesbian Drama...

oh damm look at her
should i say hi?
hi will lead to 'you gotta girl'
which will lead to 'you need a girl'
and then you're done
all the sudden there are 5476974 other females
that know your business
and what you feel
(or at least think they do)
and they've all got something to say about it
damm the circle
she said
she did
she was with
blah blah blah
you don't know me
you don't know what i've said
what i've done
who i've been with
and you never will
so worship from afar girls
because that's what your veiled comments are
you'll never get close enough to see
that jealous is something you surely should be
but not because of who/what i have
but because of who i am
and who you'll never be

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lol! Don't you just hate how it all get tangled up in a big web! Moyaxx