Lesbian Recognition

Lesbians, get it into your head
No one cares what you do in bed
If you want to get wed
Then so to the alter be led

Everywhere I go
Sexuality and identity
Has become the flow

Gay Rights!
Gay Recognition!
Recognition for touching a female breast
And changing sexuality from east to west
Recognition for kissing a female lip
And for warmly caressing a womans hip

I'm not usually one for condemnation
But what has become of this nation
Where women clap thier hands in celebration
For recognition of artificial insemination

Copyright 2006 - Sylvia Chidi

by Lovina Sylvia Chidi

Comments (1)

Oh come off it, Sylv! You must know that 'gay recognition' doesn't literally mean having lesbians going round screeching 'Hey everyone, look at us: we're women who shag other women! ' Sylv! !