Less Drug Addicts Will Die Apr 19th,2011

Some special-interest crowd wants to supervise free injection sites,
For addicts who bought illegal drugs in Toronto last night,
Just like the Vancouver site that the Feds are trying to close down,
While all the left-wing activists scream, holler, write and wear a frown.

Therefore these activists should get an injection site next-door,
Where they can watch the addicts buy illegal stuff and come and go,
As they also watch their neighborhood change almost over night,
Eventually they might notice that it is not a pretty sight.

Sometime, somewhere, somehow, we’ve lost all political control,
And we’re headed for a criminal infested injection hole,
And if some right politician doesn’t come forward and take charge,
We may be all going to hell in a basket by enlarge.

Apr 19th,2011

by James Bredin

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