Why Always Me

Sitting on that lonely bench
I stare at you
You look away from me
I bend my sight and look away
You look at me and our eyes meet
Then we look away
You walk away from that place
My mind keep on following you
And befriend you
But when i look around
I am still there and you gone
When will i have the courage to come and talk to you
Why always i should come and talk
Why cant you take the first step
I know u want to befriend me
Then Why it should be me
Who always take the first step
Why always me

by kanu aravind

Comments (11)

Nice poem, I liked the words. -Richard
Good delivery. Beautiful piece of poem. Sylva-Onyema Uba
Nice poem well articulated and elegantly penned. Thanks for sharing.
It's a surreal world we share in Less Time. Excellent poem.
You are master of playing with words while scribbling down your thoughts. Very nice. Enjoyed.
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