To Live Again

It is in my sorrow I fear,
that the urn of my soul
shall be but hollow.

No more ashes,
for the wind has scattered them
without a thought.

Cinders left of my scorched being,
they too, free of my spirit.

Darkness seeking light,
oh can there be such a place of plenitude,

I beseech thee,
whoever hast ears to listen,
Can this decayed corpse of my being
be brought to breath once more?

I shall bow to the soul that warms the chill in my spine.
For He, truly shall be a God, for all others have forsaken me.
And in my nothingness, I shall cry to no one, 'cept mine own pen,

And here shall I strive to live again..

by Nancy Jean McDevitt Scherer

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Some of mother nature's - or should we say here: in a natural mother's - lessons do not always come in their most refined forms - yet it is up to us to take the lessons, whatever their personal contents in the end, or leave them altogether, and stumble.