Lesson Day's

Love is in the air my friend
come on and join the party
stop being them
dropp your sad song's
which removes life

it's your lesson from today
don't ask how to learn it
just feel the air on the hill
roll on grass and keep your eyes open
from earth to heaven by rainbow's path

have a seat on the apple tree
and fill your lungs of serenity
let everything that isn't you
it's part of the self road
to heard your deep echo

go to ride on winged horses
the wind on your face gives you pink skin
and allows you to view your freedom
diving you into river life's for revive
then be nude under the sun to see your colours

paste your hand on wild flowers
follow hot blood climb along your arm to your heart
let your mind goes to yourself
take care from this moment to ever
and the jigsaw will fall into place

when thou shalt be finally found
be sure that's honesty and pretty
will the nickname of your lovers
to live among your fellow
so as not to fall again

be you and alive
without sad song's from your body
that's your lesson day's
life is in the air
as love is on your hand my friend

by Etienne Dugland

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