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Lesson Learned
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Lesson Learned

I dont know what to do
I dont know were to go
Seems like everything I love has gone cold
I knew I should've gone, i knew i should''ve stayed

But something else told me it was a good day
I sat and listened as they told me what to say
I knew it would be a miricle, if we got away
I tried not ot be nervous, but it was just to hard

Knowing if I ever did get caught, i'd be behind bars
I hesitated before i said go
this felt like a episode of a cop show
I leaned back in my seat, and took a deep breath

It felt like I was being quizzed on something, like a test
I took out my gun, and held it in my hand
We drove up very slowly, it was all part of the plan
I rolled down my window, quickly as I could
I tried telling my brother, but he never understood
I put the gun up and waited for my turn
Little did i know, I know a lesson to learn
In a quick second, everything turned crazy
The shots were so loud, it made my head vibrate
Then i heard a scream and we drove off quick
Little did i know i killed my brother Nick!

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