Lesson Of Unity

Once Upon a Time There was a Merchant
His Sons were Hardly a Delight
Every day They were in a Fight
For The Merchant The Future Was a Constant Worry
So He Decided to Teach Them a Lesson in a Hurry
He Brought a Bunch Of Sticks and said
'' He Who can Release the Bunch of Sticks
is Bound to get a Reward
From the Past Few Days My Health is Weak
One Who wins this Competition
On Property He will get Attention.''
Every One Tried but were un able to win
The Merchant Smiled
'' Every Day you are Engaged in Fights
Had you been United Won't it had been a Similiar Sight? .''
Friends our Country has the Same Problem when a situation arises we are engaged in
Fights Terrorists take Advantage. We Should unite and fight.
I Proud to be Indian.

by Rohan Bendre

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A great poem, like it, a great write.