Lesson Plan

Going in for learning
With an empty mind
Heart and brain
Upwards vertically
Rising from zero.

A child along with
With its parents
Visiting a shop:
Shopkeeper to the kid
Lovely and sweet…
Take toffees there from
As many as you wish-
No thanks, said the kid.
Shopkeeper insisting
Time and again
Why not, you can have.
No, no thanks, uncle.
The shopkeeper gets up
Offering, a hand full-
That the kid accepts.

Mother gets stunned!
Thereafter, on their way back
She inquires about the reason
Of refusal and acceptance?
Child made an explanation-
He had to take only one
If he had to take itself
But, uncle gave lot many!

Same thing is happening
Herewith, the greedy man
Having a quite short vision
Whereas, God has a great plan
Child delivers the lesson plan.
-Copyright © hrsharma ®2017
Ludhiana, Punjab, India.

by Hans Raj Sharma

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