A Single Teardrop...

A single teardrop

creeps on down my face,
This seems to happen quite often of late
It's in the middle of the night
But it's always out of sight

Darkness in this mans heart
Human nature burdens the soul
Covered by a superficial cloth
Yet still dark as a whole.

Out of sight
Out of mind
Yet another nightmare
Sleep I try hard to find.

Darkness in my mind
A sense of all for one
Barbaric, uncivil, yet still dark
It can never be undone.

Now two salty tears,
A perfect pair,
There's people all around
But they're unaware.

This superficial cloth
Is as thin as paper in the rain
Transparent and pointless
Yet I'm still dark, all the same.

I have these terrible dreams
And they scare me awake
Memories of the sad times
I wish I had fought like more at stake.

Tonight tears and darkness met
In the corner of my eye
These moments should I forget?
I wonder if I will try….


Comments (2)

Great poem herbert, you bring a calmness with your poetry, i thank you for that A lesson is learning something, well i'v learnt something Thank you Kind regard's AJS
I find this poem very interesting. I wrote a very similar one myself...I'll send it to (in a message) you before I post it. Just so you know I'm not copying... :)