Hanging out with the girls next door,
Oh, what troubles we found galore. When
Warnings were ignored.And as we got bored,
drinking was explored. Listening to wrong,
it never dawned. We'd make the boys sore.
Wings got tore. Booze was continually in
store. Till games ended in one on the floor.
When poured in large sum. While finding
others had none. Stripped down to the pore.
Friendships were no more. Seeking solace
and comfort, for sores. Tried other shores.
Violence and life were bore. Though life
may already been cold. A beating, maybe
for told. Unsure, how it came to unfold.
But, death was all that was left, to hold.
The rest of my life, I've implored.To our
Lord, my sins to remove, From the core.

by Rebecca Navarre

Comments (18)

The rest of my life, I've implored.To our Lord, my sins to remove, From the core.....earnest prayer! An adorable piece of poetry......10
Thank You! ! ! Howard, For Such A Beautifully Kind Reply! ! ! ! ! Your Poetry Ever So Beautiful, Deep And Strong! ! ! ! ! Flows Ever So Beautifully Like A Song! ! ! ! ! Thank You Again Ever So Much! ! ! ! ! Ever So Many Blessings! ! ! ! ! And Smiles! ! ! ! !
Rich in a realism that is both robust and redemptive!
A poem of substance: scintillating expression with little touch of horror................And as we got bored, drinking was explored....! Excellent ending...Liked the rhythm and rhyme..Extremely well penned....! Happy New Year 2018
A lovely and intentional poem...... entitled Lessons, with a meaningful reason. Thanks for sharing and I do believe as one reads this poem it could serve as a wonderful prevention of certain life style in ones life.10++++++
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