As Beautiful As Me (Part 3)

You say you find me in the gathering stars,
Evanescent beauty, iam no shooting star
But I am as beautiful as the midnight sun.
You say you find me in the roses.
Fugacious blossoms, iam no flower of an hour
I am the quintessential wild vanilla

You say age is my foe but he is my confederator
Because with age I spice up like pickle.
My dear, you better not dwell on my verses
For it ain't worth your tending and musings
They are only my thoughts taking a stroll.

I make no pretenses what so ever
For I wear no veil, I am as open as the sky
I avow my beauty is nothing
In front of the beauty of my mind
For it is as truthful as gospel
It knows great fortitude and love

I can't help it if you find me amusing
I aver I am as strong as courage,
It aint my fault you cant stop laughing
I am as clumsy as an oaf, neotic Venus
I am one of a kind, only as beautiful as me.

(A sequel to ‘The Temptress I’ by poet Sadiqullah Khan)

by Reshma Ramesh

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