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Lessons In Love - Suicide

I never heard your cry for help
You didn't take time to tell me
You never heard my cry for help
When I would say life is difficult, a struggle at times
I would tell you in not so many words when you asked
But you didn't really listen; I don't think you knew how
We never took the time to say we care
That would have been weak, our fortress to burn.
Who's fault is it really that you couldn't go on?
Its no ones, it just your time had come
Maybe God made it this way to see how strong we were
Maybe he wanted to see things change for the better
I was willing to change things; they were not (even now!)

If there's one thing I have learned, only one mind you!
It is that our ears and eyes don't really have a use
Because when you think you’re listening......
You usually find you are not
When you think others are listening.....
They are most likely not too.
I only wish my eyes had seen better
Then I would have seen through you more
If only you had seen through me more
You might have felt our pains could have talked together
The only difference is that I'm still here, don't know why?
And you are now dead; you took your own life
But don't forget, that when you killed yourself
You also took some of my life too (more than you know!)
And yes, I am mad at you for that.

I guess what I'm trying to say in all of this
Is that maybe we should have listened more to each other
Then just maybe my brother, you'd still be here today.

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