Lessons Learned

To be a captive, 'cause that's what I was
To be at someone elses mercy, 'cause I was
I was weak, trapped, alone, so alone
F**k me for letting you do this to me
F**k me for still beeing afraid of you
But most of all, f**k you
F**k you for taking my ability to love without fear
F**k you for taking my ability to trust without reservation

They say everything happens for a reason
Why did you happen to me?
What did I do, that was so bad, to deserve you?
It's been seven years, and still the thought of you makes me sick
Will I ever forget?

You thought you broke me, so did I
But you didn't, not completely
I healed, rose from the ashes
Grew stronger than ever
I appreciate such small things now
The freedom to choose
Choose my friends
Choose what life to live
Who I want to be, to just be me
And that will be enough, good enough

by anine may

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Sounds like you have had some bad stuff Anine but you obviously have a strong will and personality to rise above it all. Writing is a great way to get the bad stuff out and express yourself. Good luck to you and keep writing. Kind regards, David