Thoughts Of You,

thoughts of you,
thoughts of you are so glorious,
Iam only Human,
We never admit that we are fallibles in existence,
my attitude is thinking of you and me,

there are limitable existence,
thoughts of us that create this attitude,
thoughts that we are all limitable from existence,
It is only you that I think,
Whilst the hatred is fading,
There is the New World,
What after the New World?

by maxpoet beauty

Comments (3)

In this poem, Whitman kind of talks about how people shelter each other in only letting them see the good things, when the bad side of everything is just as important as the good things, and needs to be taught so that people can learn their 'lesson.'
Walt Whitman is basically trying to say that the world isn't perfect. And that it isn't safe for kids to perceive it that way, let alone grown men and women. I like this poem and appreciate its meaning.
Whitman says that while some people only talk about the happy things in life he understands the dark things, such as war and death and he prepares for these things, because he knows they will happen to everyone