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Lest I Wake

lest i wake, I write feverishly to describe brilliance reflected in your eyes.conveyed in them a sincere honesty shines through a beacon of safety reaching out to my soul.I long to peer into them at length.Your lips drip honeysuckle nectar, intoxicating a tender kiss would be.
mischief dances across them yearning to explore.breathless your smile leaves me.Angelic, soft spoken lullaby eases dull ache in my heart.The wind carries your sweet scent as you pass by, like a springtime daffodil.my senses reeling i swoon.The nape of your neck smooth angular, beckons to me, almost unbearably.your sultry curves a desirous mystery i want to caress.Bittersweet realization i wake to find this only a dream.To create symphony between us will never be.

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Rudyard Kipling


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