Lest We Die

Man can not live by bread alone
some have tried -- many are gone.
Above your stomach there is your heart.
It must have love, if it is to do its part.

Above your heart there is a very active mind
Ever searching for truth, all it can find.
You are no hermit, secluded and still.
You are in there fighting, prompted by a very strong will.

There is your conscience, covering you like a quilt,
Seeking relief from fear, blunders you have made, and guilt.
Is there hope that someday you will experience immortality
And that at the moment of your death it will be reality?

Have you ever battled a problem that at first you could not solve,
but you did not give up because of an inward resolve?
Have you ever on this ladder of life you soar
Found a place so familiar you felt you had been there before?

Have you ever been up, with things better than you could ever hope,
Then suddenly you are down, feeling I can not cope?
Take a look inside of you, as deeply as you are able.
You will find just a small part of what sustains you comes from a table.

by Leon Griffith

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