Sonnet: The Bees Never Give Up

Every time, they crush the bees to death and
Steal away their sweet honey in a trice;
And wax to make candles of immense size;
The Queen bee escapes to another land.

The bees comeback; with vengeance start again
A small bee-hive in the very same place!
They work extra in the sun and in rain,
Buzzing to flowers in a frenzied pace.

And soon their hive has been rebuilt and full,
Of sweet honey and larvae that are fed;
The bees continuing without a lull,
Searching for more nectar in every mead.

How well Nature takes care of its species!
Man must learn from the bee-hive and the bees.

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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Think I found out where trump got his slogan. Other than that great poem Hughes!
I think this is an excellent poem
trump should not build the wall
Thankfully Langston Hughes is not alive right now. The last line of his poem here.. is harrowing. It is missing the word great if compared to Trump's slogan. What a dream to have. As a bi-racial woman with Chinese heritage, I am ashamed of America's current state. Political rant over. Thank you for the poem, Mr. Hughes. It rings true with me too.
Ok this was an epic win
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