Let Go

The things I do and things I say,
I never wanted things to end this way.
True feelings I feel, I keep inside,
I turn into a monster, a real life Jeckle & Hyde.
There is no way to know, just who am I?
My true self locked down and wanting to cry.
This isn't right, the way that I feel,
I can't live this way, this can't be real.
I pinch myself and hope to wake,
From this nightmare, for goodness sake.
But nothing happens, I am still here,
For us to keep living this way is what I fear.
So here we are again, on this familiar ground,
No more words between us, no more feelings to be found.
I planned on loving you forever and just wanted to let you know,
That I realized loving you, is having to let you go!

by Gary Nigro

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