Let Go And Smell The Flowers

Contents tabled for the broken hearted
Passages of how to and what to do
Pages and pages of advice
There in ink flows many sad words
tales of woe and smudges from tears

A love story bound with ribbons
musty from the packing box from which
it has been removed
Shaky fingers wrinked by time
stroke each faded word
a smile on a face filled with
lines of wisdom and age

A young boy with his first crush
scribbles a phonic message
on a dirty piece of paper
the meaning known only to himself
it is her name he thinks
he knows she likes him
he caught her checking him out
during lunch break

The birds and the bees
butterflies and animals
come out in spring
love is in the air
and Man wants to take pictures
write poems and share the written word

We waste so much time on petty
egotistically nonsense
when life is taking place all around us
In every corner and every part of the globe
something far more important than proving ego
is taking place

We miss so much of the beauty and experiences
of this wonderful world
when we think only of ourselves
and our needs and our glory

There is no joy in false pride
for we only fool ourselves
But there is glory in sharing
compassion and the joy of living

by Janice M Pickett

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