Let God In Your Heart

Let God In Your Heart

Why does your land drip in blood?
Oh, can you not hear the screams?
Why do you need to be so mean?
you walk around so bold out in the cold
Don't you know God is looking for the lost souls?
Let his love run deep into your heart
and let go of the pains of yesterdays heartaches,
Oh, Why do you love to see me in pain
when I call on Gods name?
when I stand up to you for what is right
you would beat me down just to see me cry,
the hurt and the cuts that never seem to heal
makes me feel so very ill,
you would stand over me just to watch me bleed
into the sea of darken dreams that makes me weep
while my tears fall at your feet, crying for peace,
to let the slaves run free to love thee...
But that is when you commanded more pain on me,
Whatever the theme, will make me scream
I will always dance into the rain
no matter what sceams you plot my way...
Because I pray for all to be washed clean,
Gods words are always on my mind
most of the time
day and night, I do sigh for what is right
Pity on me for darken dreams....
its never too hard for me to find
because this darkness plays on my mind
I am poor in a darken war
I never want to take life for granted
I never wanted to see the innocent blood pour
upon the isolated lands where it is I stand,
I just want to keep Gods love always close
because his holy love is what kept me on the go
I know I will always need God in my life...
Not too far away I can hear the ancient wind sing
in its sorrow, loss, in deep agony that cries out to me
where sleep makes trailing clouds of memories
that keep on haunting me.

Poetic Judy Emery

by Poetic Judy L Emery

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