Tirukkural Chapter 128 - Couplets 1,2,3

Poem By Rajaram Ramachandran

My shadow falls on
Her sleeping face
It creeps over her body
Like a sweet song,
I am nothing without her
And when I kiss her mouth
I feel her breath
So gently on my cheek
Like a lance of light
Through the dark hours.
I am ensnared by her
I want to tell her
Of my love
I have the words
But not the order of them
And I am not able
To construct a picture
That will tell her
What I mean when I say
I love you.
I want to love her,
To become one with her,
To take her
Up so high
That the fall
Will be cataclysmic,
She will dive headlong
Through her life
As if on a helter skelter
To nowhere,
And still she does
Not wake.
Let her sleep
I will not rouse her.

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