Let It All Hang Out

Do let the sow out.
Perhaps a bit much.
Or be a stirrer.
Helpful as such.
Learn histrionics.
It's about gush.
Kill introversion
Kiss me and hush.

I am not asking
that you go on stage.
Where you could be singing
to drown out my rage.

So let us be naked,
bare all to each other.
Let's be ourselves,
not father or mother.
If we can be children,
whose joy has no brakes,
and prevent us from growing
that shell, as it takes
away our freedom
to be who we are
so let me show mine
from up close and not far.
You must dropp that brown suitcase
it is filled to the hilt
with the venom of others
and with old woman's guilt.

I will soon come to visit
not to see who you're not.
But to ask: Darling is it
only tepid or hot.

by Herbert Nehrlich

Comments (1)

Herbert when i saw the title, i thought to myself crikey herbert has joined a nudist colony, let it all hang out. it is a good exercise in truth, which i base my life on very well said with a message, i like it herbert, Warm regards AJS