Let It Be

Let it be

He is black
I look, laugh
Not at him
Not his wear
I look at past till now
I look at him, his life
And how fast
Things have turned
A painting
Or a rug
A carpet of Persians
Like his world, Past-Present
I see North and huskies
Other dogs and sledge
All trained and abused
'Live in cold and pull us.'
With some food, they are fooled
'Family; we are one.'
'No my dear, ' is a lump.
I can't talk.
Shout is shut in my mouth.
That black commander
He orders
'Pour the bombs on Rebels.'
Things have changed
US is, Red-White and stripes
Hate of race is now turned to States
Kobani, Iraqis, Syria and Afghan
What a mess
I'm laughing with question:
'Who is right......what will say tomorrows? '
With tears of the laugh, or sadness, or craze
I stop; leave the rest
'What a mess! '
Natives died in Andes, of sickness of the West
Now worries, Ebola...and...Nature
Up is Down; In is Out
Let it be.

by Nassy Fesharaki

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'Family, we are one'. Aesthetic use of vocabularies. Thanks for sharing! Sylva.