Let It Be

You have done all that you can
Given your everything
Gone without
Yet it never seems to be enough

You are wash out
Time left on the planet
Is minimal

You now just want to cherish
Every minute of life
You have really
Gone without
You want to be rewarded
In health
For the good
The gifts you have given

May God
Let it be

Copyright Reserved August 2017
Lyn Paul

by Lyn Paul

Comments (12)

Hope for a brighter future after struggles in the past. I hope you get your reward Lyn.
I dont know when i read this i feel pain that you tried to keep it recovered and heal, i feel the pain of the bruises and i see hope and faith for better future and God is the one that keep us strong, it is a heartfelt poem..let it be Lyn, be better day after day, we should....and also, wonderful photo :) what a fantastic sunset picture!
You now just want to cherish every minute of life.Nice flow of thoughts.Thanks for sharing.
Trust the process. Let it be. Great job, poet. https: //www.youtube.com/watch? v=slKJxAbSvFQ
Nice hopeful poem...let it be is a fit ending. Thanks for sharing Lyn.
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