Let It Be Me!

I’m not for you but she is
Why her and not me?
I know that I’m not
What you want me to be

I’ve got to be thin
Pretty’s a must
Whatever happened to interests
And more importantly trust?

I know I’m not perfect
there’s nothing I can do
but nothing will stop me
from loving you

Wait…is this love?
I’m not so sure?
What should I think
I don’t know any more!

Confused by my emotions
and I’m jealous too
I will never be like her
And she’s attractive to you

Am I over reacting?
Have I gone mad?
Then I think no
This is making me sad

I really like you
Is she a fake?
No I’m just jealous again
It’s your choice to make

Let it be me
I think about you all day
I’m lost without you
And you’re perfect in everyway

by Becky Ginn

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