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Let It Be Okay
(August 1969 / USA)

Let It Be Okay

Poem By Lesa MRK

Everything will be okay...
At least that is what they say,
Although the ones you've loved,
Have gone away,
And tracks of tears streak your face,
On this, a very sad, November day...

Everything will be okay,
Just hide your tears,
And on this day,
There will be hope tomorrow,
When happiness streaks rays of sun,
Your way;
In the midst of a cold, freezing rain.

Everything will be okay,
At least I hope it will be that way,
For now you know you'll never hear me say...
'I miss you, good-bye, and please be okay...'
As I sit here, hurting this way,
Hugging myself close, praying,
'Please God, ohhh please...
Let it be...

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