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Let It Be
HW (Nov 4,1991 / )

Let It Be

I never knew what love was until we kiss
Now that we broke up I can truly say love is what I miss
The way you hold me is why I stay so long
You never know what you got until what you got is gone
In the end I knew you was wrong, but your love got me oh so sprung
I got to admit I like what you do with your tongue
At times I realize I want you back
A good girl, shed, you don't want none of that
You would prefer those nasty hoes out in the street
Tell me, what them bitches got on me?
When you with them do u think about me?
At first I was blind, but now I can see
You will never be faithful, you will always cheat
I'm not mad at you I put the blame on me
The reason why is because I sit back and lit it be

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