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Let It Go!
WJ ( / San Antonio, Texas)

Let It Go!

Poem By William Jackson

Silence is
a deafening
to those
who hate.

Agitators screaming for
a long & bloody fight
cannot stand
when there is
no response.

But, the combatants
laugh long and loudly
when the venom
they have spewed
so readily provokes
a counter strike.

Kill them with kindness.
Let others fight a war
of hateful & pointless

I do not know
who is right
in this war
of words.

I only know
that life and
breath are
being wasted
and no one
has won

I have read
the poems
of all the

Each has written
poems of merit
and each,
each has written
anthems of hate.

Let it go!
Be friends.
Find something
kind to say
about each other.
Call a truce.
Start over.

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Comments (3)

Judge William, i plead alittle bit guilty. profound words. take care.
I'm trying to. Can you see that?
So very well eloquently stated. Abatement shines the way.