Let It Go

My friend
don't let sadness dishearten you...
If the love closed a door
it was not true love.
True love is that which is shared
with being loved eternally.
It´s that which opens the inner doors of the heart.
True love is that which is in a shared smile,
it goes up to the heavens when you open up and close your eyes.
It´s that which cries with your sadness
and laughs with your joy.
True love is that which unites
positive feelings in the hearts.

If love knocks on yours heart´s door
and it can´t open it, then it is not true love.
let it go! !

True love will arrive to your life
in any moment and in any place
to stay to live eternally in your heart.

If love knocks on the door of your heart and it can´t open it,
that is not truthful love.
Let it go! !


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