Let It Go...Part One

Have you been forgiven?
Have you looked inside,
To release those burdens of guilt?
Overcomed with anxiety...
Being torned from the presentation of goodwill,
And a secret to wallow in filth to fulfill?
That's a lot of weight to carry,
Feeling those demons you'd like to bury!
And if it that can be done...
Forgive yourself for being tempted and overrun.
Release and relax...
You're holding up your own blessings!
By keeping them held back.
Free your mind and find life more interesting.
God knows what's going on with you!
That's why you are here!
On this Earth God made appear.
What are you fearing?
You're the one that has been interfering!
You 'have' to let it go...
And God will do what needs to be done!
Forgive yourself for whatever It is.
It is easier to be negative...
Than to do those things that are positive!
You are not the only one...
Who is tired of finding misery thrilling,
And suffering fun!
Those things can long be undone!
Forgive yourself.
Let it go...that should be part one.
Or your blessings will not come!
You're the one complaining of the load...
That keeps you tense as if to explode!
As if that's how it's done,
When God says, 'To My Kingdom come! '
There can not be a part two.
Especially if it is not with you!
Let it go...part one.
Release yourself from sorrows.
Enjoy who you are and have some fun!
God commands this trip and wrote the script.
Why do you insist and demand...
Such a tragic way to exit?
Let it go.
Let Him show you the way!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (2)

No! I'm just one of those average, humble, loving, caring and fantastic human beings overwhelming the Earth with love and goodwill! That's all! ; -Þ...LOL
Good advice... a poet a shrink and a preacher... you are a three for one. (smiling at you)