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Let It Happen
AA (27th may94 / karachi)

Let It Happen

Poem By Ahmed Awan

Let The Drops Of Water Rest On My Eyes,
Let The Good Falls Even If He tries.

Let The Sun Rise And Hotten The Day,
Stay Positive Nomater What They Say.

Let The Clouds Stop The Raining,
Let Her Try What IS Paining.

Let The Sun Rise From The Deepness Of The Sea,
Let A Branch Try To Become A Tree.

Let A Friendship Take The Place,
With Tear, Joy And The Grace.

Let Her Take Distance Away From Me,
She Dont Know, How Unlucky IS She.

Let Her Grieve For What She Did,
She Didn't Changed Cause Still She Spit.

Let The Dead Try To Becomr Alive,
Between Rich and poor, let the rich strive.

Let The World Be A Game,
Who Plays It Well, GAins The Fame.

Let It All Take Place, Let It All Happen,
Cause This is the war of world, where this is its weapon.

written by: ahmed awan

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