Sleep Tight Sweet Love

Goodnight and sleep tight sweet love
Kira Angel of my heart and soul.
I'm sending you all my warmth and love
wrapping you up in its comfort like a blanket,
I'm sending along great big kisses and hugs
to fill you with loving peace and warm you up inside.

I'll see you in the land of dreams where we can
just spend time talking, laughing, crying,
holding each other just pouring out everything
we hold inside and need to say to each other.
I promise on all I am there will be no cross words
or yelling from me.
I'm sick of fighting and desire pure loving peace,
to work things out in harmony.
I know I must prove this to you and I will.
For tonight though we'll just hold each other basking
in out bond of steel and pure love in the land of dreams.

Sleep tight my Queen I'll be in bed holding
you so close my hand in your soft precious hand.
With a deep kiss I'll tell you it's alright,
I'm here forever to never part I will be by your
side through eternity as your lover and protector.
Please don't worry if you hear and feel some tears
as the night goes on.
It will be release of so many things I'll share
with you later.

Sleep tight sweet Kira my love I hope
and pray you feel and know the truth of all
the love and care I send.
To me you truly are everything and all I want,
I love you so very much my best friend and only one,
sleep tight and may God bless you with peace
and the sweetest ever of dreams my Angel Queen.

by Michael P. McParland

Comments (3)

when rain comes i'm dancing looking up the sky, blinding but i keep on doing because i really love the rain
Good quality, I personally love the rain and it is my favorite subject, you should be careful with your spelling though...
not only will rain bring you all together my dad use to say let the rain put an end to every wrestling match that will turn into a fight the rain does lots of good you know