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Let Life Know You Can Show It Is Liked!
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Let Life Know You Can Show It Is Liked!

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Let life know you know it.
Participate with it as if it is enjoyed.
As if it is accepted...
And you are not annoyed!
Be grateful and say it.
It's okay to pray...
And be thankful!
Every second of each day it stays.
You didn't have to have it.
It didn't have to be given.
Or come your way.
As easily as a bad habit picked...
One many say they are trying to quit!
Let life know you know it!
Introduce yourself!
Become the best of friends!
In the end...
You just may discover,
Taking it for granted
Should not have been a priority!
With demands made it did not understand.
It should have been your main event.
Before you witness it...
Being sent away unfulfilled!
Let life know you know it!
And it will let you know,
You are loved!
And love of life you will feel!
Isn't that what makes your life real?
Let life know you know it.
Let life know you can show that it is liked!

To my cousins by the names of
Pertillar ('many')
Branch ('not too many')
Ward ('a bunch')
Countryman ('quite a few')
Vinters ('a handful')
Jackson ('several')
Shepard ('a few')
Proffit ('very few'...lol)
Cicero ('a few')
Langston ('very few')
Brown ('a few')
Wilson ('A few')
Williams ('several')
Freeman...(New York City and New Jersey clans)

And...that's just a partial list! Lol...

This is the 'cousin' to an earlier poem I wrote entitled 'Let Life Know You Know It' Now the 'cousin' says... 'Let Life Know You Know It Is Liked'
And... Cousins 'always' want to add their 2 cents! / LOL)

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