AR (3-2-1945 / California)

Let Life Paint You A Picture

Let your problems fall like autumn leaves
Let your thoughts float like snowflakes in a winter breeze
Let your attitude change like the colors of the seasons
But let your actions be the productions of good reasons
Let your intentions drift down natures’ proven course
Let your troubles subside like newly broken horse
Let your dreams transport you through the Milky Way
Let a sigh say all you wanted it to say
Let your pains subside and mellow like a candle lit room
But let your laughter be yourself none too soon
Let your predictions play the part like no one ever played
Let your responses be from a foundation that is well laid
Let your sorrow silently disappear in to your shadows place
Let your miseries turn to faint whispers in to your echo’s face
Let your tomorrows leap into your life like a surprise
Let your yesterdays fade into oblivion in any old disguise
Let your reflection wander though life’s’ erected maze
And let your ambitions intertwine to show the real you in many ways
Let your beliefs branch out like the sun as it scans the sky
Let your conscience rest and question it not why
Let your curiosity strike a match that will brighten up the darkest night
Let your temptations hand in suspension like an eagle in solo flight
Let your philosophies soak up sunshine like a new morning would
Let your smile silhouette your wishes where it does the most good
Let your fantasies bend like a willow in a thunderstorm
Let your truths stand rigid and true to form
Let your silence carve your convictions like rivers do the earth
Let your song be sung for what it’s worth
Let life paint you a picture
Let it take you through life’s gallery
Let it let you see beyond just looking

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