Let Love Be Universal - 1

As you see universally
There is a great fall
Let love stretch its hands being universal
To love and teach us to love all,

by Muzahidul Reza Click to read full poem

Comments (583)

very nicely done.. I liked.. good 10 dear Starved relation! Monday,3rd August 2020 we shall turn into a robot if use gunboat in our dealing instead of healing the wounds Dr. Jadia Hasmukh
Yes love is the key it is the only reason worth living; because God is love!
A most timely reminder of what the collective soul of the planet needs to focus on. PEACE. An inspiring write.
Let Love Be Universal great proposal, stands for the evidence of humanity
You are more than good enough.....you have the world at your feet! Great stuff!
Great love, humanitarian love wonderfully pictured, good job
nice poem saying the deepest souls talk that we all should be deserve
Love is an universal truth......10+
This poem let love be universal tells for humanity, is a great voice should echo around the world
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I touching poem. I urge one to reflect on the loveless state of humanity. Thanjs for sharing
Enmity, envy, hatred, greed, wrath, will be no more And then anyhow We all will solve together Misunderstandings, chaos, disputes in us appear, When love will be universal//// yes, yes and yes exactly; with the universal love we can solve everything great and impressive writings
Perfectly penned, always on point. you nailed it
Love is greatly fabricated here if love be so, as you written in the poem, mankind shall be angel like no doubt great poem
Your words, hopeful and my wish also. Amazing poetry shared.
Misunderstandings, chaos, disputes in us appear, When love will be universal Man of earth will be angel Angel in activities Human in realities. VERY HIGH HOPEFUL IMAGERY FLY HIGH INTO THE SKY AND LOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEE
Love should be as in the poem described, thanks poet
Dear poet very Nice poem
A wonderful write of what one day might be like? .....well penned.
wow! beautifully penned! enjoyed reading! God bless!