Let Love Come To You In Its Light

Let love come to you in its light
Like a morning in dark daybreak
When the night is still in its night
Just before the sun come to wake
Where the hours are still asleep
With every feeling of inside heart
In the night with its stars to keep
Just before the morning will start

Let true love be in all of this
Where the stars shine bright in glow
And our dream is a wish and bliss
Just before the moonshine will go
When we are with the clouds afar
Tripping down to the dawn shine
Ridding high above on falling star
With its twinkling threads and line

Let love come to you in its flight
With every wing that’s softly falling
Through the break of the coming light
As life comes awake and is calling
When the mood is so right to agree
With every hour that newly rises
And becomes to our daydreaming free
In its glow and many color surprises

(Today I’ve been reading some lyrics by Lorenz Hart, from ‘The Complete Lyrics of Lorenz Hart’; Hart wrote about 500-600 lyrics and was called the Poet of Broadway.)

by Peter S. Quinn

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