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Let Love Shine Through And True
SOM (A Thursday,1987 / Tiobraid Arann)

Let Love Shine Through And True

Poem By Seán O Muiríosa

When I saw you first
I didn’t need a second glance
I knew that I had stumbled across
beauty in its rarity and such a beautiful chance.

I wasn’t to know my heart could
burst, like it did again and again
after the barrier and barricades
of the world were broken down –

Revealing true beauty
that really does exist –
in personality and connections.
Forget vainglorious bodily curves.

Forget how they can be shaken
up and down on the town.
You alone revive me, love
in your usual glow and night gown.

Forget mirrors, forget your miracle
face cream and reflections,
please seriously forget those
deluding morning inspections –

They crush the bed of pink roses
that grow so sweetly inside.
Don’t do that to them!
Their beauty is Burreness.

They brighten and sweeten
the garden of lives you touch.
Everyday a new fragrance
And a new shade of your love.

Please forget your fake tan,
the routine one-hundred stroke
brush. Your words can attract
any sane man. Oh yes, they can.

So forget the peroxide,
your slimming books and mags,
I’m thrilled that just like me
you never trusted those fags.

Just remember you are loved.
Basics will suffice,
You – au natural – my love,
Now that’s a nameless price.

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This poem for me, shows your variety as a poet. Here, you right in a light style with a pleasant use of rhyme and delightful images punctuating throughout. I like the reality of the theme as well- it's a grounded idelaism that pervades in your work. Well done.