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Let Me
GS (17/12/82 / brighton uk)

Let Me

Poem By Gareth Simpson

let me live on my feet
let my head be held high
let me stand all the heat
and not to ask why
let it be
let live and let lie
live this one life like it was meant in the sky

many a wise man from his book he has read
the words of another that ring in his head
many a man has lost his soul to the wind
many a man more perfect has sinned

let me dance to the beat
let my joy be high
let me to greet
and not to be shy
let it be
let sleeping dogs lie
leave heaven on earth for me to try

the past falls away at the face of the clock
as the sand washes off the edge of the rock
time as it stands is washed away in the sand
or is it dwelling inside of your head
if you dont know its in the palm of your hands
you might already be dead

let me to keep
let my hatred to die
let me to beat
the feelings that cry
let it be
let me not to rely
on the thoughts of a man who lives in the sky
let it be....

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Comments (18)

Some very good ideas, if reworked would be an outstanding piece.
Beautiful write. Enjoyed it. Very much.
Who lives in the sky is really unreliable. good write. I like it.
Wonderful poem Garreth, a much deserved poem for poem of the day. I especially enjoyed the nice easy flow. I look forward to reading more of your work.
Well done Garreth, a nature voice!