CR (3/11/1988 / Kempsey Australia)

Let Me Alone

let me alone
let me be
with hate
and pain
out of body
out of mind
dropp the past
leave it behind
always yelling
always screaming
always hiding
keep on dreaming
ingnore the hate
within your voice
keep a smile
no other choice
always be3 perfect
and never fail
keep on trying
but never prevail
lose the fight
and you never win
giving up hope
is committing sin
let me alone
let me be
with hate
and pain
give up now
cos I'll never succeed
slilt my wrists
and let them bleed
hold on tight
till death do us part
broken soul
broken heart
wrapped up tight
within a lie
holds you near
until you die
and always save
the tears I've cried
bitter love
sweet suicide...

by Catherine Riley

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