Let Me Be...

A silent dream of imprecision

A restless fatigue of unknown destination

Life is not a spreadsheet of soft flowers

It's neither a bed of thorns

But a feeling that keeps alive with laughter and tears

A pinch of missed treasures, a bit of pleasure as spice

A wandering spirit moving every corner of tastes

Grabbing elegant fragrances a while

Whiling away time in targetless ocean of tears

Craving for sharing of thoughts in a world of ups and downs

Loneliness speaks on mind recalling the drowned talks

Bygone days never leave haunting as beautiful devils

Words dance on black and white screen of mind

Leaving their immortal impressions as fossils

Preserving the riches of thoughts

Prosperity of love and affection

Let me be a lamp spreading the brightness of affection

To the worlds- known and unknown,

Let me be a torch dispelling the darkness of inner world

Let me be a fragrance drifting from soul to soul.

by swatee sripada

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Comments (3)

You are indeed a beautiful soul of poetry writer - with a very distinctive air around your pieces, that almost can be literally sensed through one's nose, as in the case of this good poem of yours here - and it will be definitely any true poetry lover's wish that you'll always stay the same.
very very nice poem... *10*
Words dance on black and white screen of mind..............good swatee keep writing