TS (7/28/87 / California)

Let Me Be...

When You're gone
I feel so alone
I can see no shadow
but I'm left on my own
Clueless, abandoned
is all I feel
Everything is fake
nothing's real
Can I live without You
or is that a stupid question
Are You my life
or just a suggestion
Can I feel for anyone else
or am I just chasing thin air
Is there anyone else
for whom I'll care
I know You have always
been by my side
but why is it that when I'm hurt
You seem to hide
Is it cause You can't help
the very things You created
Or is it the possibility
that Your love has finally faded
At moments like these
I'm feeling so faint
Take my canvas, my life
and begin to paint
Make me into something
that is worth while
Help inspire me to stand
and face my own trials
Give me the power
to change all I've done
Hold me and give me
the feeling that we're one
Take these tears that fall
down on the floor
Making them alive
and falling for something more
I need to realize
that You'll always be there
and that sometimes
its me that's not being fair
I have to be
the change I wish to see
and make things agree
in the mind that oh so troubles me
Even though I should
take this alone
I now realize that its on Your back
my troubles are thrown
But let me not fade away
and leave You with the loss
Let me join beside you
and help carry my own cross

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Maya Angelou

Caged Bird

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i love the ending because its so true. God must smile when He sees what you write!