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Let Me Be

Let me be that lamp in his darkness,
the white ardor that shines on his skin,
the one who writes his way to freedom
as he follows each stroke of my pen.

Let the sea wind unnerve such shadows
and carve joy into his heart of stone,
that he might know when he feels lonely
that it does not mean he walks alone.

Let me soften into a silence.
Let me be wordless without decree
like the beat of his heart resounding,
a river of life within the sea.

Let me be a pulsating promise
unfolding truth in banners of light,
a starry flag unfurled in darkness
that removes the blinders from his sight.

Let me be the peace of perfection,
his reflection unfolding the day,
his shadow that follows in silence
whenever he turns to walk away.

Let me be the move of his motion
or the glance of his wistful eye.
Let me be the fervor of his fire.
Let me be all things or let me die.

Let me be the catch of his falling.
If ever he falls, then, let me be.
Let me be the one who comes running
to rescue the one who's loving me.

by Linda Marie Van Tassell

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