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Let Me Be

I close the curtain; shut the light,
For day is day, and night is night,
Sometimes, I turn the table round,
In hope, by daylight, peace is found.

No telephone, disturbing, ring,
At times, I curse the blessed thing,
A two edged sword, I do admit,
I would be lost and isolate.

My door is locked; no callers please,
For you may find me on my knees,
In silent prayer, in distant thought,
My peace, my friend, just can’t be bought.

But you can give so, generously,
By simply letting me, be me,
Let me find just what is mine,
I need the space; I need this time.

I fear the calm before the storm,
I brace myself; the clouds take form,
I wait for rain, wash down on me,
And fill me now with energy.

Now open curtains, let light in,
Watch a sunbeam come within,
Re-ignites the flame of love,
I’m now below, and you’re above.

I’m ready now, what is your bidding?
Can you be so unforgiving?
I’m so much better than before,
Why then, do you, still ask for more?

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