Let Me Be Forth In Your Joy

Give me hope from dark leaves
Tomorrow born mornings of yore
Each life only moments in cleaves
Corners of peace and some war
Try every thought with your own
Never be lost in its destiny
Their space is vast to be shown
For something that can not be

Sow every seed in its worth
Flowers of earth and their wish
A rose in its splendid birth
What burst forth to accomplish
Pluck the lance flowers dark
The sky has no limit there on
Thoughts that suddenly will spark
Until their impressions are gone

Let me be forth in your joy
With what I can to you give
Our life is to worthily employ
What we can exemplify and live
Just like each the sudden wave
Of the inspirations that you feel
Longings to language shall crave
Be in this world to become real

by Peter S. Quinn

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