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Let Me Be In Your B-Movie

Let me be in your B-movie
If only as an extra,
No role's too small for me.
As a bit part player

I'd like a brief cameo role
Which modestly steals the show
As battling the World's Worst Crook
I'd get in some vital blow.

Though all the scripts foretell
Before the last act
I was disposable,
I could live with that fact.

I could be the one
Who lights a cigarette
By striking the match
With his teeth for a bet

Or with firm set of jaw
And an earnest frown
I'd explain the law
As my pants fall down.

I'd be the one who's mystified
And lost in the plot
But keeps, say, a talking toad
Or a crocodile that'll foxtrot.

I wouldn't say no to a quote
From the bard to go out on;
But, above all, let me be one
Not easily forgotten -

Perhaps there's no more
That on the whole
We extras can hope for
Before our last credits roll.

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