'Let Me Break It Down For You'

This poem is dedicated to my dear wifey whom I admire and I want her to know that she is beautiful inside and outside no matter what! . :)

You Complain To Make Yourself Feel Safe
You Say You Hate The Way You Are
Made Yet I Think Different To What You Say
And I Deeply believe You Are Pretty And Unique
Your Eyes Are Like The Shiny Stars Up In The Sky
Your Smile Would Be Like The Sunshine To The Night
Your Body Is The Perfect Figure A Girl Would Want
You Are Perfect Inside-Out
Love Who You Are, Don't Put Yourself Down
Life Isn't About Beauty But About Who You Represent
Everyone Loves You, What Else Do You Want
Believe Me You Are Beautiful In Every Single Way!
Don't Think About Those Negative Things Brought To Mind
You Are Perfect Just How You Are :) '

by Diana monique Martinez

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