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Let Me Bring You Home
NH (30th October 1971 / croydon, victoria, Australia)

Let Me Bring You Home

You and i were the same once
Once upon a dark dream
In crept the shadows we held so dear
Then came the end abondonment near

Revelation from stolen dreams
This victory is ours it seems
For in my mind are the powers to see
The end of them the beginning of me

They steal our souls so we must fight
Get under your blankets and snuggle up tight
If you cant face them let me give you the might
And steal from them all that they know

Forbidden words said without doubt
Calling the dark ones seeking them out
The battle soon over No fear have i now
For i have seen their demise

I struggle to bring you back into the light
Once borne of darkness you lose your true sight
But i can find you hold my hand and come home
And tommorrow all will be over

You can see this is their deepest desire
To baptise you in their ring of fire
So just let me guide you let me hold you close
And forget all the darkness you know

I know you are weary so hard is your fight
I see tears of blood and i hear your plight
Dont give up on me soldier my prince of the night
I will give you the strength to go on

They need you more than you realise now
For the time is coming and i wont know how
To defeat them completely if i stand alone
Come gargoyle let me bring you home

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